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According to Joe Johnson he has been researching gum disease and iits effects for many years. The video on his website is quite informative about gum disease and his background. He claims to have made a breakthrough relating to bleeding gums, receding gums, and spongy gums. He talks about one of the problems most people with gum problems face is that the cause is the small space between each of the teeth where they are positioned in the gum.

Bacteria can easily get down between the gap between the teeth. Joe says that the immune system generally fights away these bacteria. He does say this doesn't always happen though and can lead to gum problems later on. He says one option you have is to go to the dentist, who may prescribe antibitoics. Joe says the trouble with this approach is that the anitbiotics kill off all bacteria (even good bacteria). Joe does say that he understands that antibiotics are necessary is some situations.

Gum Doctor

Joe Johnson has created what he believes to be an alternative to take care of your gums. It is an all-natural plant extract called Gum Doctor. Gum Doctor is taken by smearing a few drops on your gums and rubbing it in gently. According to Joe the plant extracts in Gum Doctor will kill bacteria on contact, the benefit of which Joe says is that you are targeting the bacteria you want to get rid of rather than taking antibiotics.

Joe Johnson is offering a 90 day guarantee on his herbal extract product, so you can order and try it out before making a final decision. Click any of the links on this website to be taken to the official Gum Doctor website.

Gum Doctor


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